SWTE 110 – Putin: Hacker Extraordinaire

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Returning guest Eric Mahler joins the show to bring his Christmas cheer to the masses! On point for discussion this week is the fact that Trudeau is ok with 18 year olds buying legalized pot, Obama thinks the US should do something about that Russian hack issue, and finally bringing the show full circle: Trudeau helps Obama out with his Christmas card photo. Have a question or comment for the show? Email the show at...

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SWTE 109 – Biden Memes To The Rescue

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Two returning guests on the show unite to begin the healing. In our first post-election episode, Ryan, Loic, and Jimmy get together to discuss just what the hell happened. We also discuss what the hell might happen, and what’s already started to happen in the US and Canada. Oh, and Joe Biden memes! Have a question or comment for the show? Email the show at info@sleepingwiththeelephant.com! Sleeping With the Elephant is a podcast where we...

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SWTE 108 – Under Siege III: Enter Russia

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Eric Mahler of the Eric Everyday podcast returns to the show for a final reprieve before election night. While we avoid the T word as much as possible, we do remind our US friends to head out and VOTE. In the news we find out that Steven Seagal has infiltrated Russia and becomes a citizen, the Chicago Cubs have broken a 108 year dry spell with their world series win, and Dragons Den actor petitions stores to delay Christmas displays until after...

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SWTE 107 – 100 Days Into The Darkest Timeline

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Jimmy The Shovel digs up some stories for us to cover on a new Sleeping With The Elephant! On the docket this week we have the RCMP questioning a woman that threw pumpkin seeds at the Prime Minister, Trump looks ahead to the first 100 days of the darkest timeline, Stephen Colbert takes a Canadian Citizenship test, and Trump decided to launch his own unbiased news network. It’s that time of year again folks! Ryan is once again part of The...

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SWTE 106 – Clowns, As Far As The Eye Can See

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The return of Paul Swickard is here! Paul takes a break from An Hour of Sleep to chat about Trump and Clowns. Trump made some bold claims that Canadians hate their healthcare system, turns out it’s a very small percentage that do. Trump did a bunch of other stupid things over the last month, so we go over those as well. Closing out the show with the theme of clowns, we take a look at the recent phenomenon that is dressing up as a creepy...

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SWTE 105 – Order 65 Is Up!

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Sleeping With The Elephant returns with an all Canadian cast yet again as Ryan is joined by new guest host Loic (@stoicloic on Twitter)! We talk about a whole range of topics starting off with a sandwich artist in Canada attempting to capture Trump to Jeb’s new job as a cameo artist for award shows. In between we also take a look at the word “dicking” thanks to Colin Powell, ignoring the North, and Trump’s secret plan to...

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