SWTE 105 – Order 65 Is Up!

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Sleeping With The Elephant returns with an all Canadian cast yet again as Ryan is joined by new guest host Loic (@stoicloic on Twitter)! We talk about a whole range of topics starting off with a sandwich artist in Canada attempting to capture Trump to Jeb’s new job as a cameo artist for award shows. In between we also take a look at the word “dicking” thanks to Colin Powell, ignoring the North, and Trump’s secret plan to...

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SWTE 104 – Good, Bad, or Canadian

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Ryan is joined by the hosts of the Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! podcast: Beau, Crofton, and Mike. This week we cover a range of topics, but of course we start the podcast with a bit of bull. Trump is fairly OK with losing as it will net him a huge vacation, Conservatives use Milk cartons to find our Prime Minister, and a US Olympian is facing criticism for wearing a Canada hat. About Our Guests The Hosts of Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! Beau:...

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SWTE 103 – The Crazy Quaid on Emailary

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This week Scott Johnson guests on the show to chat about Pokemon GO, Canadian tall tales, and a whole bunch to do about Trump. Pokemon GO has folks getting into trouble, including a pair of Canadians that wandered into Montana while chasing the infamous Jigglypuff. A US realtor is capitalizing on the political climate but catering to sellers looking to move to Canada. Breaking news out of Randy Quaid today is not a surprise to anyone as he...

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SWTE 102 – Poutine Meetup

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Not since Nerdtacular 2015 has a show of this magnitude been crafted as Sleeping With The Elephant welcomes back Jules and Jocelyn. Although we’re all out of apple pie whiskey. Jocelyn did us all a solid and watched Idiocracy before the show so we could comment on the writers reuniting to craft anti-Trump ads. Then the Canadians explain to Jules the most recent Canuck Controversy of #ElbowGate. Moving back to the Canadian news we have a...

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SWTE 101 – Maine LePaging Trump

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This week on the show we have a representative from Maine, the Busy Zombie Lord himself, Lou Page! Lou brings along two stories for discussion: George Zimmerman selling gun used to kill Trayvon Martin and HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ goes after Gov. LePage. Not to make the whole show crazy talk, Ryan brings along the story of Fort McMurray, focusing on arm chair Prime Ministering and the awesome support efforts by Canadians and...

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